Spanish Twist on New England Lobster Rolls & The Perfect Wine pairing

After a long winter inside followed by a long spring inside, I am ready to grab my passport and take off on an adventure. Since that isn’t really possible right now, international infused cooking is the next best thing.

Spring always makes me crave lobster rolls and crisp, cold wines! Read my latest blog post on Carpe Travel and find out how I pair my take on lobster rolls with the perfect wine.







My Simple Spanish Twist Lobster Roll Recipe 

(adapted from a recipe found in The Preppy Cookbook -one of my favorites)

Gather all ingredients and utensils

2 Lobsters, about 2 pounds, or a package of tails and claws

2 bay leaves

1 stalk of finely chopped celery

¼ teaspoon of celery seed

A pinch of saffron threads and smoked paprika

¼ teaspoon crushed thyme, fresh if you have it

A pinch of sea salt  

A pinch of white pepper

¼ cup high-quality, soy-free mayo

¼ cup strained or Greek goat or sheep yoghurt

1 small lemon

A handful of baby arugula

2 Tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature

New England style hot dog buns or rolls

A large stock pot

A bowl of ice water (large enough to fit the lobsters)


A lemon press and a zester

A sharp knife and cutting board, I prefer bamboo

A medium bowl, measuring spoons, a mixing spoon, and a rubber spatula

4 plates and lots of napkins 

Ready to begin? 

Bring 8 quarts of water in the stock pot to boil and add the bay leaves and a pinch of sea salt.  Gently drop in the lobsters or lobster pieces. Bring to boil and reduce the  heat to a simmer. Cover the stock pot and simmer the lobsters for about 15 minutes. Remove the lobsters from the pot using thongs and transfer to the ice water. Let them cool. 

In a medium sized mixing bowl, mix together  the yoghurt, mayonnaise, thyme, saffron, white pepper,smoked paprika,  and about a teaspoon of lemon zest. Add the celery and a squeeze of lemon juice, about 1 tablespoon. 

Once the lobster is cool, carefully remove the meat from the shell trying to keep the claw meat as large chunks. Set the claws aside. Cut the rest of the lobster meat into large chunks and fold it gently into the mayo-yoghurt mix. Cut each claw in half, lengthwise and place the claws on top. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 15 minutes. 

In the meantime, spread the butter evenly on 4 buns and toast them butter side up in a toaster oven or under a hot broiler just until they start to golden brown. You may need a baking sheet. Don’t over do it, especially when using gluten-free buns because they are already a bit dry. 

Assembling the lobster rolls 

Place a warm bun on each plate and sprinkle some baby arugula over them. Not too much, just enough to cover the surface. Spoon the chilled lobster mixture onto the arugula and top with a halved lobster claw. Spritz with a bit of fresh lemon juice.  

For the wine pairing visit Carpe Travel  to learn more!

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