Services & Rates: Wine Consulting, Writing, Public Speaking


General Services

  • Public Speaking
  • Writing, Ghost Writing,
  • Author Coaching
  • Wine Seminars & Courses
  • Corporate Conference Events & Team Building
  • Wine Dinners, Tastings, Book Clubs, Wine Clubs, Parties
  • International & National Wine Country Tours
  • Wine & Food Pairing for Your Cellar
  • Rare & Fine Wine Acquisitions
  • Wine Cellar Evaluation, Appraisals & Management
  • Personal Wine Education & Training

Professional Industry Services

  • Professional Wine Evaluation and Judging
  • Wine Inventory Selections for Retail & Restaurants
  • Event & Concert Production
  • Media Relations & PR Management
  • Retail/Wholesale Management & Sales

Denver International Wine Academy

  • Professional | University Level Wine Education: based upon CMS, SWE, WSET

Writing Services and Rates

Freelance Writing Rates by Project upon request

Wine Rocks & Chasing Grapes, LLC

Simone FM Spinner, MH, CWS, CWE


Denver, Colorado

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