Three Delicious Ice Wine Cocktails to Cool You Off this Summer

What is Ice Wine?

Is it really “The Nectar of the Gods?” Have you tried ice wine? Now is the time! By the way, it isn’t just for dessert. A delicate dance between the perfect late harvest freeze and complete crop destruction makes ice wine a highly speculative, highly coveted, incredibly luscious dessert wine. Click here to read my latest article at Carpe Travel and learn more. 





In the meantime, whip up one of these delicious Ice Wine Cocktails to whet your appetite.

Inniskillin Ice Wine Martini 

1 ounce Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine

2 ounces premium vodka

Pour into a shaker glass filled with ice. Shake vigorously. 

Prepare a chilled martini glass by dipping the rim in orange blossom water and then in sugar. 

Pour the martini into the glass and garnish with a few frozen grapes. 

Sparkling Ice Blossom

1 ½ ounces Ice Wine

½ ounce orange flower water or rose water

1 ounce Champagne or Cava, brut with the orange flower water and rosé with the rose water

Pour ingredients into a chilled coupé glass and garnish with blossoms, pansies, or nasturtiums.

Ice Wine Bellini

1 ½ ounces of Ice Wine

3 ounces of peach juice

1 ½ ounces brut Champagne or Cava

Blend ingredients in a Champagne tulip or flute and garnish with a lemon peel twist.

Experiment with various kinds of Ice Wine including wines made from Reisling, Vidal, Cabernet Franc, and Sparkling Ice Wine. You will love your new favorite cocktails!

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