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Hello from Denver,
Today was a fantastically beautiful, spring day in Denver. It was 75’F which is generally a little bit too hot for my taste because 75’F at a mile high seems so much hotter than 75’F at sea level. The rays of the sun seem to bake me and I burn very easily.
But, today it was cloudy and just a little bit humid. It felt wonderful and I loved it. These are my favorite days. Cool, silvery grey, and slightly humid…love it.
Days like this only happen once in a while here in Denver. That is my major complaint about Denver…I detest the climate here. The weather is extreme. It’s called a high desert…lovely!
In the summer it is unbearably hot and very dry. The sun is very intense and almost always shines brightly. The sun at a mile high is very, very intense. Summer is short in Denver-June through August and maybe part of September.
Autumn is colorful but brief and not cool enough for beautiful layers of Fall clothes. Winters are cold, messy and snowy. Denver doesn’t get as much snow as people think. It’s actually quite dry, and cold, but the sun always shines. It is cold here from October to late April and sometimes early May. It warms up in April but it is very unreliable…it can snow at any moment. Late May and early June are realy the only Springtime.
The climate is part of why the city is not necessarily fashionable and almost always too casual. Fashion is largely dictated by the crazy climate; which in Denver means you have to be prepared for any kind of weather which is largely unglamorous. In the heat of the summer, the less you wear the better you feel and shorts and flip flops are the norm. In the winter, jeans and ugg boots are everywhere. I dress up my winter clothes with pretty cashmere sweaters, but that is about as dressy it can get. I don’t like it at all. As a result I have a closet full of beautiful clothes and shoes that I hardly ever get to wear…let’s see if I can change that over the next year.

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