Style has nothing to do with trend following or what is hot…but it has everything to do with fashion. That may sound contradictory but it isn’t. Style is classic, timeless, and universal, but always with an edge or and unexpected twist. The most stylish women always take something classic and make it unique to them.

Trends come and go relatively quickly. They are modified and recycled every few years. Unfortunately, you can’t really hold on to something trendy in the hopes it will come back because when it does, it’s never quite the same and what you kept always looks dated. Trends rarely look great on anyone over the age of 28 and over a size 6. Trends are for youth, and are the segue into the world of fashion, and that’s where trends should stay. They are not realistic, well made, or comfortable. They are not built to last and that’s ok. A trend is ready made, pre-packaged, exactly what the glossy magazine page depicts tight down to the styled bracelet, shoes and bag. Trends take all of the thinking out of dressing and everyone ends up looking alike. It takes a certain girl to follow trends, and she is usually rich, young, beautiful, and bored.

It is said that style is something you are born with but maybe it’s not. Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn had amazing personal style but she also had Hubert de Givenchy dressing her. Jackie O was also known for her style, created by Oleg Cassini who along with Edith Head, costume designer for MGM, also styled Grace Kelly. Catherine Deneuve was the muse of Yves Saint Laurent. Now, I agree that these women all had remarkable if not slightly similar, and obviously conservative style, but, what about the ladies with a bit more flair and personality?

Iconic European stars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Simone Signoret, and Fanny Ardent, and modern girls like Monica Belucci, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julie Delpy, and Marion Colitard are all wonderful examples of sexy and stylish women. There is nothing cold and untouchable about these women. They are earthy, sultry, gorgeous, and intoxicating.

Choosing the right style icon for your personality is the key. I love the classic beauties but I don’t have ice princess looks or personality. For me, I look to the sensual, European sex symbols for inspiration. These ladies make the most of their curves by wearing tightly belted full skirts, frilly little tops and high heels, or fitted, dark, boot-cut jeans with a pretty blouse and sandals. Their clothes are simple, feminine, and understated. These women have relatively small wardrobes of very high quality and timeless clothing. They personalize their look with fabulous, high quality accessories. They wear unique and well-placed jewelry, beautiful purses, scarves, and fantastic shoes. They have sunglasses perched on top of their heads holding back their long, flowing, wavy, locks of glossy hair.

Something else about stylish women—they always tend to be just slightly overdressed for any situation. They stand out because they pay close attention to every detail. They feel beautiful, confident, and sexy because they take the time and effort to look amazing everyday. It’s easy for a superstar with access to all the great designers and personal stylists. The rest of use must try to cultivate our own style. Which is, by the way, what really turns heads when you strut across the room.

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