Motorcycle Boy

Motorcycle Boy,

Did you take a nice long ride on your Triumph when you got home? I am jealous.
I went for a little ride on Sunday, it was a beautiful day in Denver. Cool, sunny, and quiet.

We learned some interesting things about each other and have some parallels in our lives. I am intrigued and would like to know more about you and your life.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine together
these are some of the questions I would ask you…

Did you grow up in Montreal? Tell me about your family. Do you have children?
Do you have a really cool dog?
My dog is really cool. We go everywhere together.
I will send you a picture of Oscar Wilde. I also have a cat. His name is VooDoo and he is a Norwegian Forest Cat–weighs 20 pounds and is skinny.
J’aime mes garcons…ils sont mes petits amis!

What brought you to your current job and what did you do before? I know you mentioned a British company and Rolls Royce…and rigging…tell me more about that.

What is your favorite book, music, and movie?
I checked out your poet by the way.

What is your favorite time of the day?
My favorite time is twilight, the light is the most beautiful then.

If I come to Montreal what would you show me? Where would you take me? What would you suggest I see and do alone?
What is your favorite thing to do or see there?
What will be my favorite thing?

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