What’s New Pussycat

Is it possible to be in love with a song? I know it sounds silly, but I am smitten with a song. I first heard it when I watched Ocean’s 11 on the big screen. The movie pays homage to the glitzy Rat Pack days of Vegas when men wore tuxedos and ladies were ladies. The soundtrack for the film is peppered with Jazzy Bluesy instrumental pieces from a more sophisticated era. Naturally, I bought the movie and the soundtrack. In fact, I own all of the Ocean’s movies and their respective soundtracks. Each one is uniquely different yet they all have the same flavor. Thief movies are my favorite!

The song that has my heart, by Quincy Jones, is listed as “Blues in the Night” on the soundtrack. After doing a little bit of research on Quincy and the song, I found out that Quincy originally released the song in 1962 on an album called “Quincy Plays For Pussycats.” ITunes has the album, so I listened to each track. “Blues in the Night” is on the album but it is not the same song. The song I love is actually called, “What’s New Pussycat” which makes it even cooler in my book. Very glam, very early 60’s, very sexy.

From there, I looked for other, similar songs. There were several cool songs on “Quincy Plays For Pussycats” and a few other Quincy Jones albums from that era. I also looked into Henry Mancini who wrote many award winning soundtracks and theme songs for film and television. I stumbled on the original theme song for the Pink Panther Series. I love that song too.

I’ve put together a play list on my IPod that I labeled “Sexy.” It never fails to put a smile on my face. I walk to it, I dance to it, I clean to it, I relax to it; I love it. It makes me feel sexy, and mysterious, like I have a secret or a lover. I feel like I am a Cat Burglar or maybe a Showgirl. It’s a fun and scandalous little diversion from life.

What’s New Pussycat,
Blues in the Night,
The Stripper,
The Gentle Rain,
Edge of the World,
Crepuscolo Sul Mare,
Thé à la ménthe,
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,
Hot Child in the City,
Brass in Pocket,
Hot in the City,
Call Me,
Message of Love,
Rebel Yell,
Are You Gonna Be My Girl,
Can’t Get You Out of My Head,

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