What I like in a man…

A few nights ago my favorite gay boyfriend and I were talking about our “types” and tastes in men…he realized that I have no consistent type when it comes to matters of the heart and attraction. None of the men I have dated resemble each other physically. But, I protested…I do have a type, a personality type. Many of the men from my past are not the most beautiful men or the most successful men…but they are all very sexy men.

I go absolutely weak in the knees for men with a little quality I like to call “Throw Down.” It is almost indescribable and can be difficult to articulate but throw down is a combination of factors that I crave in a man whether he is a certain physical type or not.

Throw down is that little bit of passion that makes him slyly sneak a kiss from me when I least expect it. It is never forced or demanded…but stolen unexpectedly as he walks by me on the stairs, barely hidden from view, on his way back to his meeting. It is never for show or to prove a point or to mark me as his possession in front of his friends…but, it is a private little moment shared between us. It is the kind of passion that fails to ask if it is ok to kiss me, but just thrusts my back, hard up against the wall, and takes my face in his hands as he kisses me. He has the confidence and the conviction to know I am not going to be able to resist him.

This kind of man has passion in his life as well, not just passion for me or for sex. He always has a love outside of romantic entanglements….an interesting career or hobby. He is often an artist or a musician, but that is rarely his job. He is passionate about his work and his hobby and that kind of fire permeates his life. This is the kind of man that has a full life. He has interests and friends and a past and a future. He is not obsessed with his baggage because he has dealt with it…but, he is not obsessed with his future either.

This is the kind of man that knows how to treat a woman. He is romantic. He is chivalrous but not too much. He is confident enough to tell me what to do, as a man, and he knows I will respond, as a woman. It is only in his ultra masculine presence that I feel comfortable enough to soften my prickly and independent exterior and allow my feminine and seductive side to shine through. He is completely a man and I am able to become completely a woman.

He is generous, kind and gentle but really only in private….and I know it is only for me, which makes me feel incredibly special and ultimately loved. He can be a bit arrogant and cocky but never to the point of being vulgar. He is an expert in his field but he has some humility about it. He knows how to take control of the situatin, of his life, and of me….and I want him to do it…..

These men have very strong, masculine personalities. It is almost impossible for me to make eye contact with them in public, because I melt. They are potent and virile and intoxicating. When I am in their presence I am completely at ease….and yet I am incredibly uncomfortable because we cannot keep our hands off of one another….but we do, because it is so much more exciting to wait for the private little moment…like it is a hidden and dirty little secret. When we are in seclusion there is nothing that can dampen the fire.

He has a sense of style. He dresses edgy even when in fabulous jeans and a simple tee shirt. He always has a great haircut, his hair is slightly messy, not too short and never too long. and he has a fantastic white smile. He pays attention to his skin and to the look of his hands. This guy cleans the dirt out from under his fingernails. He is never obsessed with his looks but he is a combination of Rob Thomas, George Clooney and the guy next door. He always knows what is appropriate for every situation and never under dresses but he never over dresses either. And…there is absolutely something sexy about a simple silver bracelet on his left wrist.

So…essentially…my “type” doesn’t just consist of beautiful brown eyes, short hair, fantastic abs, a sexy accent, and the most seductive smile I have ever seen…

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