Ma muse, le vin

Wine is my muse and has been the muse to many writers from the early Chinese poets, to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The Roman playwrights and historians detailed their affair with wine. Italian monks and French priests labored over the vines and the pages in their journals discussing wine. Historians, politicians, diplomats, poets, artists, courtesans, society ladies, trustifarians, actors, filmmakers, and musicians, have all discussed the finer and lesser attributes of their muse, wine.

Wine is a feminine, eretheal goddess who has transcended time and culture. She is sultry, perfumed, glimmering, and exquisite. She entices and seduces the least expecting victim with her luscious charms. Even when she takes on a charismatic and masculine guise, she is still sensual and succulent and beautiful. She can be girlishly sweet and joyfully bubbly. She can have a sharp and acidic laugh or a sturdy if slightly bitter way about her. In her older years she tends to be mellow, warm and comforting. She is always inviting. She nourishes and she gives life. She reduces the stresses and inhibitions of the day. She is greatly misunderstood and often she appears to be complicated. In reality she is very simple. She just wants to be loved, respected, and appreciated for exactly who and what she is, nothing more and nothing less. She is always looking for someone new, but she never forgets her old friends. Once you have been tangled in her delicate web of inky mystery you may never be able to wrestle free. You will be hers forever.

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