Say It With Chocolate 2011, Delicious

Last Thursday, I had the great pleasure of being a celebrity judge for the 6th Annual “Say it With Chocolate,” Denver’s Best Tasting Competition, to benefit Joan Farley Academy and Third Way Center. I joined an esteemed judging panel including: newscaster Tom Green of KWGN, Ellen Gray of Colorado View Magazine, Lori Midson the Café Society Editor at Westword, newscaster and veteran chocolate judge Tom Mustin of CBS. We had the delicious task of judging three tables filled with some of the best chocolate Denver has to offer.  Sounds great in theory, but by the time we were halfway through the second table we all knew we were in for serious chocolate hangovers!

The lavish event took place on the main floor of the Historic Union Station building in LoDo.  The vintage room was filled with live music, laughter, families and chocolate.  Over a hundred people wandered gleefully from table to table, sipping on hot chocolate, tasting tortes, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, truffles, popcorn, candies, and the best mole in Denver.

Browse the listing below to discover the entrees and the winners.  I hope to see you all lined up for this decadent tasting next year.

The Amateur Entrees:

Cakes & Tortes:

Jane Dempsey Brownies-Winner


Jane Dempsey Walnut Fudge

Students of Joan Farley Academy Chocolate Teacup filled with Fresh Berries-Winner


Students of Joan Farley Academy Chili with a hint of Chocolate

Cyl Barnosa Chicken Mole a la Arvizu-Winner & Best Overall Entree


The Professional Entrees:

Cakes & Tortes:

The Shoppe Salted Caramel Cupcake

The Shoppe Death by Chocolate Cupcake

The Shoppe Nutella Cupcake

Epicurean Catering Chocolate Linzer torte

Après Dessert Bar Flourless Torte with Pomegranate

Lovely Confections Cake-Pop

McCormick’s Catering Three Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake-Winner



Enstrom Candies Almond Toffee-Winner

Robin Chocolates Salt Caramel Lollipop



Truffles in Paradise Caramelized Passion fruit Butterfly Truffle

Truffles in Paradise Heart of Gold Fleur del Sel and Caramel

Truffles in Paradise Bubbly Champagne Truffle

Truffles in Paradise Hawaiian Sunset Truffle

Truffles in Paradise Crimson Black Tea and Blood Orange Truffle

Robin Chocolates Vanilla Spiced Rum Truffle

Robin Chocolates Rose Caramel Truffle

Robin Chocolates Lavender Truffle-Winner and my personal favorite


Cookies & Brownies:

McCormick’s Catering house made Chocolate Brownie with Bananas-Winner



Dip ‘n delights Chocolate Fountain with fruit, pretzels, and cakes,

McCormick’s Catering Red Wine Pot de Cream-Honorable Mention

Too Haute Cowgirls Fistful of Fleur de Sel Popcorn-Winner

Too Haute Cowgirls Dark, Sweet, and Wicked Popcorn

Too Haute Cowgirls Cowgirl Coffee Popcorn

Too Haute Cowgirls Chili Con Chocolate Popcorn






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