The greater perspective

I saw four red tailed hawks yesterday. I was on my way to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls.  Two small, young hawks were perched on a light post together, facing the same direction and most likely hunting.  A few minutes later, I saw a larger hawk, wings fully spread, gliding in circles above a field.  As I left the golf course, I saw a fourth, magnificent hawk: she soared past my windshield and shot up into the sky.  She hovered  to the left of my car and then swooped fast toward a group of trees. She landed gracefully and became a part of the landscape. Hawks have long been a part of mythology bringing us messages if we listen.  I found that hawks, ever focused on their prey, have tremendous vision, the keenest eyes of all birds.  They see what others miss. They are very loyal to their territory and to each other.  Red tailed hawks mate for life and care for their young longer than most birds. These amazing, strong, resilient birds are often attacked by other, smaller, less tenacious birds.  These birds have long been thought to be messengers of one’s life purpose.  They teach us to see things with a broad perspective and look for details we may be missing.  They teach us to focus intently and keep our eye on the proverbial prize.  They teach us to be humble in conflict with others who don’t understand our character and to be loyal to the people who do, the people whom we love.  Above all, they teach us to fearlessly soar to great heights where we can find the freedom to glide through live with elegance and grace.

What is the message these beautiful creatures are delivering to me?  What is my life’s purpose?  To whom should I be loyal?  To whom and to what should I devote myself? Who will hold me back and how will I be misunderstood?  Will I find a way to soar and to glide again, fearlessly as I once did? I suppose only time will reveal the answers to these questions….time and contemplation.

I spotted two more hawks today…I guess they are really trying to reveal something to me!

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