Chocolate Soufflé and Dancing

Last Thursday night, after a busy night at work, my boss invited me out for a glass of wine and dessert. We went down the block to Sullivan’s. I’d never been there before and did not realize there was a happening bar with live music. He must go there after work all the time because everyone knew him and our drinks were on the house. The bar is nice, on the small side with 20 or so cabaret style tables. It is a classic 1940’s Chicago style steak house with dark, polished wood, red banquets, and dim lighting. “Steaks, Martini’s, & Jazz” is their hook.

Several large, muted televisions were hanging on the wall displaying the professional basketball finals. The crowd was an eclectic mix of off duty suits relaxing with martinis, neighborhood locals drinking beer and wine, and restaurant industry personnel drinking whatever the bartender was sending their way.

I had a wonderful Spanish Grenache and he had some sort of whisky rocks. We ordered a yummy chocolate soufflé. It was fantastically warm and light. It was delicately scented with cocoa. There was an elixir of creamy warm vanilla syrup drizzled all over it. Just enough decadent lushness for two…if you are on a fabulously romantic date…I wasn’t.

There was a fantastic band playing called Tito del Barrio Malaga. They are at Sullivan’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays and worth your time. I’m not exactly sure how to classify their sound. It’s this cool mix of Latin Salsa and Moroccan world beat. …
Even the music on break was a great little mix of Motown and Chicago Blues. Very nice, very easy, and very dance-able.

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