European Rosé

For me, September is a whirlwind tour of wine country. I go to daily wine tastings sometimes taste a hundred wines in one day. It can be wonderfully overwhelming and deliciously intoxicating. I must try to remember it is still work, it’s my job and I take it very seriously.

When I am tasting wines I am required to over think and analyze each and every wine I try. When I am relaxing with a nice glass of wine I still tend to analyze what is in the glass. Probably, the most enjoyable part of tasting wine is the wine and food pairing possibilities. I love to play with flavor and my senses to discover delectable and unique combinations. Over the course of the past several years I have developed a portfolio of pairings that seem to work regardless of vintage, region, and season.
I will share seasonal suggestions and wine and food pairings with you.

As for September, here in Denver, the days are still quite warm and dry and the nights cool down. The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn gorgeous hues of yellow, orange, and even plumy red. Late summer flowers like marigolds, mums, petunias, and roses are in full bloom. It’s not quite full bodied, earthy, pungent red wine weather. I compromise this time of year with full flavored, medium bodied, European Rosé. Some European Rosé can be musty, herbal, and woodsy along with showing nice ripe red berries and fruits. They can really represent what early fall means, right in the glass. These wines make an excellent choice for drinking cocktail style or pairing with your favorite representations of the harvest’s bounty. Foods like roasted root vegetables, squash, onions gratin, corn on the cob slathered in butter and sprinkled with garlic and pepper, or even a simple roasted chicken with red potatoes and crunchy green beans all taste better with European Rosé.

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