Love Letters

I received an interesting little email the other day. Remember I told you about the beautiful firemen from Montreal? Claude and Yves?
I opened my email on Sunday morning after and incredibly busy and frustrating weekend at work and there, between work and spam was the name Yves. My heart skipped a beat. Could it be the same Yves. It wasn’t the same email address I had written to in the past but not recently. Recently I had been too busy to even think about men…as sad and lonely as that sounds.

I took a risk and opened the letter. It was very brief and slightly cryptic. He apologized for being rude and for his silence. He told me his wife left him a few weeks prior to our encounter. He told me she left a financial mess for him. And then he told me he was in a hotel room in Albuquerque.

Intriguing. It stirred something inside me.

I wrote back, explaining that while I was taken aback by his silence, am very happy to hear from him now. I asked him what happened in his marriage and why he was in New Mexico….I invited him to keep in touch…

I have so many questions. Why email me at all? Why tell me you are just down the road (several hundred miles but still)?
I have not received another letter…Why?

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