Pink champagne and gray skies

It’s Thanksgiving 2008, and I am pondering my luck and my life. I feel incredibly thankful today. I have a wonderful little dog and cat whom I completely adore. I have a sound and supportive relationship with both of my parents. My mom spent the afternoon with me and my dad dropped by for a nice glass of wine and a chat. They got along….
I made a wonderful dinner. I made turkey breast and duck rolls stuffed with gorgonzola, chanterelle mushrooms, shallots, and wrapped in smoky bacon. I served them over fresh spinach and with fingerling potatoes drizzled with white truffle oil. I also served whipped yams with fresh ginger and coconut milk, spicy cranberries, and a lovely little cheese plate with a goat chevre and a smoked sheep san simon. My mom brought this amazing walnut and chocolate cake and pots au crème chocolat…delicious. We had this most amazing bottle of Gosset Reserve Rosé Champagne. Possibly one of the most fabulous wines I have ever had….mmmmm.
It was a beautiful day today. The kind I crave…the sky was hazy and gray diffusing the light in such a way that made everything look slightly violet and luminous. The air was cool and slightly humid. I imagine Paris looks and feels like this in late autumn. Oscar and I walked around for hours this morning. We met a new friend of mine for coffee on Larimer. He is a bit older than me, but a lot of fun. He grew up in Manhattan but likes living in Denver. He loves Clapton, traveling, fantastic cuisine, and pop culture. He walked with us and I could tell he just wanted to spend time with me. He seems a little bit sheepish and bashful which is unusual in a man of his age and stature. He seems like a really nice guy, and he has treated me like a lady, like a woman. I like it. It feels great.
I was telling my mom a little bit about him and mentioned that I am not really physically attracted to him and she said the most brilliant thing. “Maybe you should just forget about that physical thing, the gorgeous men you have dated have been nothing but trouble, and shallow, and it never works out anyway…maybe it is time to date a nice, and successful older man that adores you.”
Maybe she is right..(she is always right)..and I think I will consider it. He is really into me, thoughtful, considerate, and generous. Let’s see where it goes.

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