Free from my recent past

Well, it seems it is time to reinvent myself, once again…

I suppose it is normal. I just had a birthday, and I am in a reflective mood. I feel like sorting out my life and getting rid of old clothes, shoes that don’t fit, friends that are not friends, and situations that are toxic to my growth and happiness. I guess it is spring-cleaning.

I am planning on sorting out my closet on Monday. I invited some very opinionated ladies over to help me. I know that they will give me their honest opinions about what should stay and what should go. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of clothes…they carry memories and monetary value…my plan is to pare my wardrobe down to a small selection of perfectly constructed, perfectly fitted, and perfectly versatile clothes….European girl style. Every piece will go with every piece and it will all flow. The clothes themselves will act as a canvas for me; showcasing my figure, personality, and style. And they will be a canvas for the cool accessories and jewelry I own.

I, like most American girls, simply have too many choices in my closet and it is overwhelming, so I end up wearing jeans and tee shirts or sweaters on most days. It is too complicated to pull something out and then find something to wear with it. For example; if I select an olive green pencil skirt I am limited on what top I can put with it…it usually ends up being one of a dozen black tee shirts. Why a dozen black tee shirts? Because they are simple!

I have beautiful shoes that don’t really go with any of my clothes. I have gorgeous scarves and accessories. I don’t have a really great handbag. I have a couple of cool handbags but not a really great, super functional bag.

Cleaning out my life of toxic situations may be trickier than cleaning out my closet. I am very disillusioned with my job at the Wine Loft. I was initially thrilled to win the job lottery so to speak and become the Wine Director but I quickly learned I was working for amateurs with no sense of style or taste. Every move I made was micro managed, second guessed, and diminished. The owner is an indecisive alcoholic and the GM may very well have ADD or just pot induced short-term memory issues. Time to extricate myself from that high drama situation. For the past 6 months it has been a battle of authority, ego, and indecision, a constant back and forth. I never knew if I was the Wine Director or not…I never knew where I stood. It’s funny how you never really know how unhealthy a situation is until you are out. Just like any other bad relationship.

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