Rant about College!

I am forty years old and a college senior and I can tell you from personal experience that college is a necessary joke. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE learning and I love school.

It is completely absurd the time and money I am spending on a degree to move myself beyond the glass ceiling. I am not really learning anything that I didn’t already know and I have a 4.0/4.0 GPA.

Most of the students don’t care at all because “D is for degree!” I feel extremely sorry for teachers and professors working at the college level. Young people can’t even read and write…but…they can all text and they know every celebrity scandal.

I have taken classes in subjects that I will never use or think about again, but was forced to take because they were required.
I have taken several classes where I actually knew more about the topic than the instructor.

I have spent thousands of dollars on grossly overpriced text books, not to mention the ridiculous athletic fees, club fees, computer lab fees and fees for things I have never and will never use.

I constantly have instructors who use the term, “In the real world,” which always leaves me thinking, “When have you ever been in the real world?” Academia is not preparing anyone for the rigors and realities of the real world. But, the only way to get ahead is to play the game…because, the bosses of the world have and they expect you to have gone through a similar experience. It shows you can commit to something just a foolish as they did, just to get ahead.

The American education system is severely outdated an ineffective. Nevertheless, I am happy and thankful to be nearly finished with my degree because I understand all too well that it is a necessity in this modern workforce if I ever want to move beyond the entry level or middle management levels of the service or any other industry!

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