I got caught in the rain today…

Not just any rain but a torrential downpour, a deluge. The black sky opened and flooded the streets. The air became very still and calm just before it happened. Seduced by the change, I was drawn outside for a walk amongst the roses in my yard. The scent was honeyed and pungent all at once. The earthiness of the damask and tea roses combined with the heady perfume of the pink and red floribunda modern varieties swirled around me, enticing foolish and industrious bees. All at once I heard a thunderous roar as the first drops began to fall.

Initially, the shock of the heavy rain against my body felt prickly…but the sensation melted, and as I relaxed into the feeling I began to enjoy the sensuality of the experience.

The raindrops were huge orbs of sweet water that felt like warmed bath water against my taut skin. They tasted briny and dusty on my tongue. I tilted my face toward the dark clouds and let the water wash over my closed eyelids and my lips and through my long hair.

The rain poured down over me, fast and furiously, drenching my clothes, gluing them to my every curve. Every inch of my body became visible, slathered in my linen dress. The energy of it all was exhilarating and refreshing.

As I stood there, perfectly still, under the shower of silky water…my thoughts ran back to you. I remembered your warmth and your touch as you lathered my body, washing my limbs and my hair. I remember the way it felt to be in your arms, slowly moving to the music of the city and I long to dance again…with you…in the rain.

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