The Ultimate Body Plan Work Out : Day 2

Wow, so sore I can barely walk…but in a very good way.  I forgot how much I love that sweaty, strong, stretched feeling I first fell in love with as a young ballet dancer.  Feels fantastic.  Good thing I am already in decent shape.

According to this cool Calories Burned tool I found, I’ve literally been working my ass off.  I walked, briskly with my dog for an hour (287 ) and did one hour of advanced Pilates (418) today. Yesterday, on day one,  I danced for an hour (391) and walked for an hour (287).  At this rate I should reach my goal in no time.

The plan is set up for two weeks.  My goal is to drop one dress size, tone my body from head to toe, and improve my posture.  I was a professional ballet dancer when I was younger, it would be great to resemble one now!

Twelve days to go…..

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