The Ultimate Body Plan: Day 3

Hhhmmmmm…I don’t know if I have ever been this sore-in all the right places.  My lower abs, by obliques and tush simply ache.  My inner thighs are so sore that it hurts like hell to walk down the stairs.  But it feels great.  It feels great to make progress and to sweat.  It feels great to connect with my body in the way I did when I was studying dance.

I walked with my dog for an hour (287 ) and did one hour of advanced Pilates (418) today.  I focused on arms and abs, I am going to feel it tomorrow.

The hardest part, truthfully, isn’t the exercise.  It’s sticking to 1500 calories and eliminating sugar, flour, dairy, coffee, and alcohol.  The sugar and flour are easy for me.  I avoid them anyway, except for super dark chocolate.  Cheese is much trickier.  I love it.  Coffee is another story.  Since I gave it up a month ago, I don’t really miss it.  I will miss it once the weather turns cold.  Nothing better than a hot cuppa joe on a cold autumn day to warm me up and get me going.

And wine, I’ll never give it up.  I sell it, teach about it, and savor it regularly.  I have reduced my consumption to one glass with dinner. Period.  I haven’t craved it for stress reduction purposes-I guess exercise is taking care of my stress levels in a more positive and healthful manner.

Eleven days to go.

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