The Ultimate Body Plan: day 8

ouch…I am sore in all the right places, and I am seeing results.  My jeans are looser, my arms are more toned and my 6 pack is becoming more visible by the day.  It’s great, but, I will not deny that it is really hard to be this discipline.  It was never a problem for me in my younger days.  It seams that the woes of life have caught up with me.

The work stress and disappointments. The relationship cynicism.  The fading metabolism and slightly lower vitality.  The paperwork, driving, calling, texting, emailing, the bills, the errands, the studying, and the occasional fun.  That’s what’s missing.  More fun.  Working out used to be a joy for me and now, although I enjoy it, it isn’t bliss instilling.  I’d love to get back to that feeling.

I’ve always been able to find the strength of character and perseverance to whip my body back in shape…just like any other task I’d approach with gale force.  But, lately, I feel just a bit like I don’t have it in me anymore.  Have I given up? Am I a failure? Or, am I just exhausted and feeling the depressing effects of utter disillusionment with work/life?  Mostly work, and less life.  I enjoy my life on my days off.  I enjoy my evenings when free of leftover work tasks (read bs paperwork).

It seams more difficult to pat myself on the back and give myself credit for my hard work, accomplishments, and accolades.  It seams as if negativity as crept into my world like a pervasive fog.

My challenge:  See what I can do to change my energy to a more positive light and change my destiny in the long run-for the better.  I’ve got it in me somewhere to make my dreams come true….I’ve always done it before.

First step-quit bitching-focus on positive words-AND-continue body sculpting-EVERYDAY!!!

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