Ultimate Body Plan Day 14

Wow…I am exhausted and hungry!

But, I have lost a dress size, toned my entire body, have my  six-pack back and I feel taller and lighter.  Am I going to continue for a few more weeks-yes…at the same crazy intensity-no…

With my lifestyle and my work, it is not completely realistic.  The exercise portion is just fine, but I sell wine for a living and I host wine dinners all the time.  It’s pretty hard to not drink a drop of alcohol and not eat anything with butter when that is my job!

I believe moderation is the key to success with fitness, but, it is easy to use ‘moderation’ as an excuse for decadence and laziness. Moderation drenched with discipline-that is the path.

I am 3/4 of the way to my goal so I will power on.

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